The Dawn of a New Era in Medicine

Our population is increasing and living longer. Treatment demands are becoming more complex. The Association of American Medical Colleges predicts a shortfall of 100,000 physicians by 2030.  AVRA is developing autonomous surgical robotic systems that will help overcome these challenges.

Instrument Guidance

The proprietary intelligent AVRA Instrument Guidance System (AIGS) will bring precise navigation and accurate targeting to robotic surgery resulting in a Surgeon interfaced autonomous platform.


AVRA’s imaging technology will be capable of high-resolution, multi-dimensional imaging with incorporated scanning and registration.

Deep Learning

Inspired by biological neural networks, AVRA is working to incorporate artificial intelligence for enhanced diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

Platform Independent

AVRA’s technology will be flexible and applicable across a diverse range of medical disciplines.

Patient Inspired Technology


AVRA is designing systems that will enable surgeons to simulate procedures for preoperative review prior to performing surgery. Patient specific mapping optimizes results both for the surgeon and the patient.


To eliminate a primary source of patient anxiety, AVRA is using its technology to develop ways of sharply improving biopsy result waiting time from weeks or days to minutes.

The proprietary intelligent AVRA Instrument Guidance System (AIGS)

Market Opportunity: Areas of Application

Beyond aesthetic medicine, AVRA’s platform independent design will allow expansion into a variety of medical fields, phase two being internal organ targeting. Procedures will include mapping, biopsy and tissue targeting. Where there is growing demand for procedures in soft tissue, neuro and spine surgery, AVRA will be there to meet it.

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Truly Robotic,
Truly Disruptive
The Next Revolution
in Health Care

AVRA’s advanced technology incorporating human-machine interactions (HMI) will redefine the term ‘robotic’ by introducing autonomy to surgical robotics. AVRA’s imaging and instrument guidance technology will allow for unprecedented minimally invasive treatment with greater precision and accuracy.

Fred Nazem
AVRA Scientific Advisor

Investor, skillful leader, successful entrepreneur and former chairman of Oxford Health Plans.