Pioneers in Medical Robotics

AVRA’s ( OTC: AVMR ) medical team were among the earliest adopters to perform robotically assisted, minimally-invasive surgery. Surgical robotic systems have yet to realize their potential in terms of improved accuracy, navigation, targeting, imaging and visualization, allowing for penetration into all aspects of surgical care. AVRA’s Surgeons are partnering with engineers and scientists to design and develop a novel, computer-integrated, semi/autonomous robotic platform that is truly disruptive.

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Market Opportunity: Aesthetic Medicine

AVRA is currently developing a unique surgical robotic platform in the field of Aesthetics. The proprietary intelligent AVRA Instrument Guidance System (AIGS) will enable surgeons to simulate procedures for preoperative review prior to performing surgery. Patient specific mapping optimizes results both for the surgeon and the patient.


According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the field of aesthetics is a $13.5 billion industry, with explosive growth in non-surgical treatments.


The AVRA Robotics Imaging & Surgical System

Farhan Taghizadeh, MD
AVRA Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Taghizadeh is a board-certified ENT, Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon. He is considered a global authority on cosmetic surgery. He heads the aesthetics initiative at AVRA. He has extensively published on robotic facial surgery and has performed over 3,500 facelifts.

“The next big leap in aesthetic and functional medicine is the integration of autonomous robotic technologies to help facilitate new approaches to existing and future innovative technologies. These advancements will be key to offer high outcome, cost-effective solutions for patients. I am excited about AVRA’s vision in shaping this new future.”

Patient Inspired Technology

AVRA is a surgical digital technology company whose primary goal is to provide surgeons with the ability to achieve consistently excellent results for the patient. Employing advanced technology, AVRA is developing an intelligent robotic platform combining attributes of imaging with target acquisition and guidance to navigate with unprecedented accuracy and precision. These advanced, semi/autonomous systems will have boundless diagnostic and therapeutic applications – Target, Diagnose, Treat.


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